Creative Ways to Decorate with Jingle Bells this Christmas

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Although jingle bells are a traditional Christmas decoration, there are a lot of inventive ways to use them. Every taste may be catered to with a jingle bell decoration, ranging from classy and sophisticated to playful and whimsical. We'll go over some of our most original ideas for using jingle bells as Christmas decorations in this post.


Jingle Bell Wreaths


A traditional Christmas decoration, jingle bell wreaths can be enhanced with a variety of jingle bell colours, sizes, and styles. Use jingle bells in red and green for a traditional effect. Use metallic or multicoloured jingle bells for a more contemporary appearance. Your jingle bell wreath can also be adorned with additional elements like ribbon, bows, and pine needles.


Jingle Bell Garlands


Jingle bell garlands represent yet another adaptable Christmas décor option. Jingle bell garlands look great around your Christmas tree, over entrances, and above mantels. Garlands made of jingle bells can also be used to adorn your gift packaging.


Jingle Bell Ornaments


A simple and enjoyable way to give your tree a little Christmas spirit is with jingle bell ornaments. Pipe cleaners, ribbon, and jingle bells can be used to create your own jingle bell ornaments. Most stores also carry jingle bell ornaments in a range of colours and designs.


Jingle Bell Centerpieces


One festive option to adorn your dining table for Christmas is with jingle bell centrepieces. Just place jingle bells in a bowl or vase to create a jingle bell centrepiece. You can adorn your centrepiece with additional elements like ribbon, greenery, and candles.


Jingle Bell Wind Chimes


One lovely and distinctive way to spruce up your patio or porch for the holidays is with jingle bell wind chimes. The festive season will have a magical touch thanks to the sound of jingle bells.


Jingle Bell Door Hangers


A fun and festive way to greet your guests over the Christmas season is with jingle bell door hangers. Jingle bells can be easily attached to a wreath or length of ribbon to create a jingle bell door hanger. Your door hanger can also be adorned with other elements like a Christmas sign, pine needles, or a bow.


Jingle Bell Gift Tags


A simple and enjoyable method to give your Christmas gifts a unique touch is to attach jingle bell gift tags to them. Just fasten a jingle bell to a length of string or ribbon to create a jingle bell gift tag. Additional embellishments, like a name tag, a Christmas greeting, or a tiny ornament, can be added to your present tag.


Jingle Bell Crafts


You may make a lot of simple and enjoyable crafts with your children that include jingle bells. You may make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with jingle bells, for instance. Additionally, you can create door hangers, wind chimes, and ornaments with jingle bells.


Jingle Bell Decorations for Kids


If you have children, you can make lively and festive decorations for their play area and bedrooms with jingle bells. You could make garlands, wall hangings, and jingle bell mobiles, for instance. Additionally, you can adorn their gift parcels and Christmas stockings with jingle bells.


Jingle Bell Decorations for Your Pets


Remember your furry friends this Christmas season! Jingle bells can be used to make fun pet accessories like bandanas, collars, and leashes. Jingle bells can also be used to adorn their bedding and toys.


Here are some additional tips for decorating with jingle bells:


©Use a variety of colors, sizes, and types of jingle bells to create a more visually interesting display.

© Your jingle bell decorations will look better with additional accessories like pine needles, bows, ribbon, and candles.

©Hang jingle bell decorations in different places around your home, such as on your mantel, over your doorways, and around your Christmas tree.

© Adorn your gift tags and packages with jingle bells.

Engage your children in jingle bell crafts.

©Create festive decorations for your pets using jingle bells.

© Jingle bells can be used to create a winter wonderland in your home this Christmas with a little imagination.




A fun and adaptable way to decorate for Christmas is with jingle bells. Jingle bells can be used creatively to make lovely and distinctive indoor and outdoor decorations for your house.

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