How powerful is the S400 missile compared to the Chinese defense system

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How powerful is the S-400 missile compared to the Chinese defense system

Russian S-400 vs Chinese HQ-9

China has handed over the HQ-9 system to strengthen Pakistan's air defense. After all, how powerful is the Chinese defense system compared to Russia. What is the difference between the Russian S-400 and the Chinese missile system

China has handed over the HQ-9 system to strengthen Pakistan's air defense. In such a situation, this curiosity arises about how powerful the Chinese defense system is compared to Russia. With this, we will know what is the difference between the Russian S-400 and China's missile system. Which system is more effective on the battlefield

The system consists of long-range surface-to-air missiles. This missile system has been developed by China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation. The length of this defense system is 6.8 meters. Its weight is up to 2000 kg. It can intercept multiple threats such as air-to-surface missiles, helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aircraft, guided bombs and tactical ballistic missiles.

Chinese HQ-9

China has several variants of the HQ-9 missile system. Its maximum range is from 100 km to 300 km. After acquiring China's missile system, Pakistan claimed that it has greatly strengthened Pakistan's air security. Pakistan also claimed that this air defense system can simultaneously target many targets simultaneously. Experts claim that China has developed this missile system on the technology of Russia's S-300 and America's MIM-104 Patriot missile system. China's HQ-9 missile system works in two stages. Its missile can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 4.2. The missile can carry a 180 kg high explosive warhead to a maximum range of 200 km and an altitude of 30 km. The missile system's battery includes the Type 120 Low-Altitude Acquisition Radar, the Type 305A 3D Acquisition Radar, the H-200 Mobile Engagement Radar and the Type 305B 3D Acquisition Radar. Apart from Pakistan, China has exported different variants of its defense system to countries like Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. China's HQ-9 is a medium and long range surface to air missile defense system. The HQ-22 is an upgrade of China's old HQ-2 missile. HQ-22 is manufactured by Jiangnan Space Industry of China. This company, also known as Base 061, is a part of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited. China first publicly demonstrated this missile system as an improved version of the FK-3 at the 2016 Zhuhai Airshow.

Russian S-400

The Russian S-400 air defense missile system can shoot down enemy aircraft from the sky. It is capable of shooting down enemy cruise, aircraft and ballistic missiles. This system is an upgraded version of Russia's S-300. It is capable of doing 36 strikes in a single round. After joining the Indian Army, the security of the borders is more and the threat of attack is reduced. This system detects any possible air attack in advance. With this, the enemy's intentions are detected in advance and the army is easily alerted.

The S-400's radar can track 100 to 300 targets simultaneously. It can track at a range of up to 600 km. The missiles fitted in it can hit any target at a height of 30 km and a distance of 400 km. It can also target ground targets. At the same time, it can hit 36 ‚Äč‚Äčtargets up to 400 km simultaneously. It has 12 launchers, can fire three missiles simultaneously and takes five minutes to deploy. It is the world's most advanced defense system. It has four types of missiles. One missile has a range of 400 km, another 250 km, the third 120 and the fourth 40 km. This weapon of Russia is considered the best in its category in the world.

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