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APJ Abdul Kalam technical university  (AKTU)


The renowned public technical university APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), formerly known as Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It was founded on May 8th, 2000, and renamed in honour of the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a brilliant scientist and India's 11th President who was instrumental in the development of the nation's space and defence programmes. The university seeks to advance technical research, foster innovation, and deliver high-quality technical education across a range of engineering, technology, management and applied scientific fields.


The university has more than 800 affiliated colleges spread all around the state, and its main campus is located in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Numerous undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes in disciplines like engineering, architecture, pharmacy, computer applications, management, and applied science are available at these colleges.


The founding of AKTU was a crucial step towards improving the calibre of the engineering and technological workforce in Uttar Pradesh and standardising technical education in the state. The university uses a semester-based credit system, allowing students to approach their studies with more flexibility. To keep up with changes in technology and industry demands, the curriculum is frequently revised.


A team of knowledgeable and committed faculty members at AKTU help to provide a stimulating learning environment for students. The university supports faculty members' participation in R&D initiatives, promoting an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment on campus. Modern laboratories, workshops, and research facilities are also available to students.


AKTU has built numerous research centres and institutes that each concentrate on a particular area of study, such as robotics, nanotechnology, renewable energy, or data analytics, in order to encourage research and innovation. The university invites teachers, staff, and students to take part in conferences, seminars, and workshops where they can present their research findings and network with professionals from various fields.


Aside from their studies, AKTU promotes co-curricular and extracurricular activities among its students. On campus, there are lots of student organisations that focus on things like entrepreneurship, robotics, coding, and cultural pursuits. These groups not only give students the chance to explore their interests outside of the classroom but also aid in the development of leadership and teamwork abilities.


The institution hosts a number of competitions and events throughout the year to encourage student talent and creativity. One of the most anticipated events in the area, "Uttarayan," the AKTU's annual technical and cultural festival, draws attendees from all across the state. The festival features interactive sessions with business professionals, competitions, concerts, and technical demonstrations.


Reputable institutions and universities both domestically and outside collaborate with AKTU. These partnerships offer professors and staff personnel access to a larger academic ecosystem as well as opportunities for exchange programmes and team research projects.


The university's Training and Placement Cell works assiduously to connect students with top businesses and sectors for internships and job placements in order to guarantee students' employability. The cell holds frequent training sessions to improve students' technical knowledge, aptitude, and soft skills.


AKTU has been a leader in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. An Innovation and Incubation Centre has been developed by the university to aid prospective entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses and concepts. The centre offers coaching, financial assistance, and resources access to help convert ideas into successful business operations.


Numerous accomplished graduates who have made important contributions to their disciplines over the years have come from AKTU. Numerous of its graduates have achieved success in a variety of fields, including teaching, research, and both in India and overseas. The institution takes pride in the accomplishments of its graduates and works hard to develop the next generation of gifted people.





In Uttar Pradesh, APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University is a leader in technical education and research. The institution continues to influence technical education's future and support India's advancement in science and technology through its dedication to academic excellence, research, and innovation.

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