Duties and responsibilities of a nurse in medical ward

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Duties and responsibilities of a nurse in medical ward:


Depending on the particular healthcare institution and the patients' needs, a nurse's duties and responsibilities in a medical ward may change. 


However, the following are some typical tasks and obligations of nurses in a hospital ward:


Patient Care: Direct patient care is the responsibility of the nurses in a medical ward. This include keeping an eye on vital signs, giving prescriptions, helping with daily tasks, and assuring the patient's comfort and safety.


Assessment and Documentation: Patients are thoroughly evaluated by nurses both at the time of admission and throughout their stay in the medical ward. They record the patient's medical background, present signs, and any alterations in their condition. The care given and the patient's reaction to therapy are both documented by nurses.


Collaboration with the Healthcare Team: To create and carry out patient care plans, nurses work in collaboration with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare specialists. Important information on patient progress, condition changes, and therapy response is communicated and shared by them.


Patient Education: Informing patients and their families about their disease, available treatments, drugs, and self-care strategies is a critical role that nurses play. In order to promote the best possible health and rehabilitation, they offer guidance on how to treat wounds, administer medications, and change one's lifestyle.


Medication Administration: Patients in the medical ward must have their drugs administered by nurses. They make sure that dosages are correct, keep an eye out for any potential negative reactions or side effects, and inform patients about their prescriptions.


Wound Care: Nurses diagnose and treat wounds, check on the healing process, and instruct patients on wound care procedures. To avoid difficulties, they make sure the proper infection control procedures are followed.


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: By offering preventative care and health education, nurses work to increase people's health and well-being. They might carry out screenings, give shots, and offer advice on healthy living options.


Emergency Response: Medical ward crises can be handled by nurses thanks to their training in this area. To ensure a quick and efficient reaction, they start emergency protocols, give rapid care and communicate with the medical staff.


Emotional Support: During their stay in the medical ward, nurses offer patients and their families emotional support. They provide a comforting presence, pay attention to worries, and offer assurance.


Record Keeping and Administration: Nurses keep up-to-date and accurate medical records, including patient charts, details of medication administration, and other pertinent paperwork. Additionally, they guarantee adherence to rules and regulations.


It's crucial to keep in mind that a nurse's tasks and obligations may change depending on the particular rules and procedures of the hospital as well as the scope of practise established by the nursing regulatory organisation in charge of that region.

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