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The administration of platelets collected from a single donor to a patient in need is referred to as a single donor platelet transfusion, also known as a single donor apheresis platelet transfusion. The blood contains microscopic cell fragments called platelets, which are essential for blood clotting and limiting excessive bleeding.


People with low platelet counts or platelet dysfunction, which can be caused by a variety of illnesses or medical conditions or treatments including chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, or certain blood abnormalities, frequently receive platelet transfusions. 

Due to a number of benefits, single donor platelet transfusions are frequently preferable to pooled platelets, which include platelets from numerous donors:


Reduced exposure to multiple donors: By limiting exposure to various blood products, using platelets from a single donor lowers the chance of adverse reactions or transfusion-related problems.


Increased platelet count: When opposed to pooled platelets, single donor platelets often offer a higher concentration of platelets, enabling more effective treatment.


Compatibility: To reduce the danger of transfusion responses, single donor platelets are frequently cross-matched with the recipient's blood type.


Customization: When patients are resistant to platelet transfusions, single donor platelets might be chosen based on specific criteria, such as HLA (human leukocyte antigen) matching.


It's crucial to remember that single donor platelet transfusions can have some dangers, such as transfusion reactions, infections, or allergic reactions, albeit these risks can be reduced to a reasonable extent with the right donor screening and testing protocols.


Healthcare practitioners frequently base their choice to employ single donor platelet transfusions on the patient's medical condition, platelet demand, and unique circumstances. For particular information and recommendations regarding platelet transfusion practises, speak with a healthcare professional. Medical norms and protocols may differ amongst healthcare organisations.

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